Our Management is driven by values and marshaled by effective leadership. Sound management policy keeps us abreast in addressing the unexpected and producing mercurial results.

The Members of the Company are:-

1. Chairman - H.E. Said Ahmed Said Bin Al Shanfari
2. Managing Director - Shaikh Saeed Abdul Aziz Sabah Al Rawas
3. Managing Director - Shaikh Ahmed Abdullah Mahfoodh Al Shaikh
4. Finance Director - Mr. Omar Abdullah Mahfoodh Al Shaikh

The Company's top management team is drawn from highly qualified professionals in the fields of Finance, Engineering and Marketing. Senior Management comprises the following:-

The Other Deputy Directors of the Company is:-


01 Mr. Salam Said Abdul Aziz Al Rawas Deputy Director: (Plant & Machinery
02 Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah Mahfoodh Al Shaikh Deputy Director: (ReadyMix & Concrete Products)
03 Mr. Mukhtar Said Abdul Aziz Al Rawas Deputy Director: Projects (SFO)
04 Mr. Ammar Said Abdul Aziz Al Rawas Deputy Director: Trading (SFO)
05 Mr. Mohammed Said Abdul Aziz Al Rawas Deputy Director: Salalah Overseas
06 Mr. Abdullah Said Abdul Aziz Al Rawas Deputy Director: Mining
07 Mr. Amar Ahmed Abdullah Mafoodh Al Shaikh Deputy Director: Oman National Factory
08 Mr. Ahmed Said Abdul Aziz Al Rawas Deputy Director: HR

Senior Management
01 Mr. S. Srihar Chief Executive Officer
02 Mr. K. S. Parthasarathy Group Finance Manager
03 Mr. Bennett Francis GM-Real Estate & Business Development
04 Mr. A. Selvarajah Chief Engineer, Construction Division
05 Mr. Devan Dy. Chief Engineer, Construction Division
06 Mr. Sudarshan Singh Chief Engineer, E&M Divn
07 Mr. Muhammed Afsal Senior: Project Engineer
08 Mr. Ali  Hazim Salih Al-Rahoo Project Engineer
09 Mr. Suresh Babu Business Head, Trading Divn, Muscat & Salalah
10 MR. Nallin Kumar General Manager, ITT
11 Mr. Aji Operations Manager, ITT Salalah
12 B.S.Jamesha Operations Manager, Salalah Overseas
13 Mr. P. Kumar Manager, Fuel Distribution, Salalah
14 Mr. Narendranath Manager, National Laundry Salalah
15 Mr. Hesham Nassar Marketing Manager, International Readymix
16 Mr. Weil Nassar Manager, Filling Stations (Taqa & Mirbat)
17 Chief Manager Operations, Printing & Packaging
18 Mr. A. K. Naidu Manager Operations, Readymix & Concrete Prod.
19 Mr. Selvarajan A Chief Financial Officer, SFO
20 Mr. N.K. Muraleedharan Operations Officer, T&D Division SFO
21 Mr. Vincent Senior Project Manager, T&D Division SFO


Shanfari & partners company LLC was established in 1960.Since then, the Company has formulated the basics and principles required for future development and promotion. Shanfari & partners began as an ordinary Trading company in Salalah,a town in southern region.

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