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Rental of Machinery, Equipment and Logistic Services

Machinery & Equipment Rentals and Logistic Services

International Logistics & Transport LLC provides Lodging & Accommodation and Transport Facilities. This has all kinds of vehicles for Renting.
Huge camps facilities are available for minimum members of 400-600 Labourers. It can be increased on request up to 1000 persons.
Facilities include toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, and a Mosque for prayer. It can offer 4 – 5 Villas for Senior Staff.

This company also provide a Building with 40 Flats compromising of 1BD, 2BD & 3BD Apartments. In addition, we can arrange Accommodation through our sister concerns which are

1. HORMAN House Hotel: 58 Furnished Apartments
2. HAFFA House Hotel: 60 Rooms & 63 Apartments
3. SAMHARAM Tourist Village Beach Resort: 140 Chalet, 45 Villas

Our Heavy vehicles transport division has a well-maintained fleet of all kinds of excavator trailers, heavy lorry, etc. We are engaged in offering an extensive range of Excavators on hiring, which is of high-quality components that are at par with industry standards. We are offering to our clients on a Flat Rate Rental Basis on Daily and Package Basis.

Excavators are one of the important construction equipment used for excavation, digging, dredging, demolition, and material handling. An excavator consists of a boom, stick, bucket, and cab on a rotating platform.

We provide one of the best excavators/Poclains in the industry on hire or long term lease, manufactured by eminent companies like Tata, Hitachi, Cat and Komatsu. We provide competitive rental rates which have made our clients trust us unflinchingly when it comes to hiring and renting machines.

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